Making money online: The only 12 things I need

People lose their minds when they think about money and the internet.

It is made out to be complicated to make money online. It takes a certain type of person to make money online. Stupid. That’s not true.

Your Golden Retriever puppy dog should be able to do it if I can do it with a 9–5 job.

My only 12 requirements for making money online are these. If you are not sure where to start, start with these.

A Content Type

Content is the key to making money online. You can choose to write, create videos, create audio (podcasts), illustrate, or take pictures..

With weekly, or ideally daily, practice, you will become an expert in that art form. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have only ten minutes to practice, that’s fine.

It is more important to do than to achieve. It is more important to do, it is more important to be.

Someone Else’s Platform

In order to publish content, you need a platform. Many people make the mistake of attempting to set up their own platform. It’s not for the faint-hearted to start at zero with no idea what you’re doing. The how-to guides that are already available on an established platform may serve as a good starting point.

Platform ownership can be acquired later. For now, lease the platform to someone else in exchange for giving them access to the platform 

1.3 Social Media Platforms

Since I’m bad at math, I rounded up to 1.3. I’ll take one. You’re a smart cookie.

The first step is to publish, followed by sharing. You already understand this!

Choose a social media platform you’re already familiar with. This makes it easier to get started and eliminates resistance. Use native content whenever possible. Do you know what that means? Avoid posting links that direct people away from the social media platform. Pourquoi?

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are like a bad step-sister that will prevent the majority of people from seeing your content. Respect their rules. Produce native content for the tribal ones.

After you have a product/service, you can then use this platform to purchase advertisements and expand your earnings, if you wish.

A Human Already Doing It

This is a lame quote, but you are the average of the five. Moving along.

A person who already does what you would like to do is needed. Befriend them if you can without seeming creepy. If not, join them online and live like they do.

Take a look at how they do it. Analyze the entire process, including marketing, sales, email, and quirky remarks.

Rather than try to guess someone on your own, it’s easier to watch them for free.

Reliable Internet

The internet was shaky at first, which caused a lot of frustration for me. Spend as much as you have to on good internet. To escape Australia’s high-speed internet myth, I switched to 4G. The best internet is sometimes available on your phone – who knew?

A Laptop

I’m not fancy either, my friend. In 2012, I bought a MacBook Pro from a guy who looked like he was selling his kidneys when I took it off his hands for $800. That was an emotional day for him.

Distractions are caused by fancy.

One Podcast

You can use a podcast to generate revenue-generating content ideas.

The first podcast I listened to was Tim Ferriss’s. Things haven’t changed much since then. He shares such good ideas in his podcast that I don’t need to listen to any other podcasts. Timmy Boys will delete them all.

There is no better way to spark your interest in content than with podcasts.

A Smile to Die For

You can take home up to 100-dollar bills depending on how you make people feel.

People will smile when you deliver them.

You will have more opportunities if you do more to make people smile with what you do online. Your profile picture should also include a smile in it.

A Landing Page

There is only one button on this web page. A person should only be able to take one action on a distraction-free page.

You need to fill in the box that says “insert your email address here” in order to make money online.

You can have a conversation using an email address.

Connections are formed through conversations.
Problems are solved when connections are formed.
Making money online involves solving problems.

An Email List

Making money online requires an email list. Talking with leads, prospects, customers, raving fans, and repeat customers is what it’s all about.

It’s simply a matter of collecting emails, sending them emails, and occasionally offering them something for a fee. If you don’t feel guilty about paying your doctor for medical advice, why should you feel guilty about charging for a product or service you’ve developed to help others?

Something to Charge For

Here are some obvious options:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Public speaking
  • Social media advice
  • A curated mastermind
  • A live event (post health crisis, of course)

Content money-making ideas

  • A premium paid newsletter
  • Curated content
  • An online course
  • A physical product
  • A book on Amazon
  • An eBook sold on your own website

A Way to Receive Money

Accepting money is crucial, obviously. Do the ID check of whatever payment platform you choose, and check out the fees. Then, don’t forget to remember the taxes you have to pay later on. Death and taxes are guaranteed, even for peeps making moula online.

A Lot of Love

It’s goddamned. I don’t understand why you’re saying that, bro.”””

Because it’s true. Making a penny from what you do requires you to enjoy it enough. My promise to you is that if all you do online is make money and buy a Lambo, you’ll give up.

There is a barrier to entry with this whole making-money-online-thing. If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, you won’t be able to cross it.

Giving people who are willing to pay you – and those who refuse to pay you – a lot of love also goes a long way.

You will be treated as you treat others. There is nothing like love. Everyone remembers it. It will have far more impact than your bank account.

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