My journey to becoming a crypto algorithmic trader

A trading algorithm is simply a set of instructions that a computer can use in order to execute automated trades. In such a case, “buy Bitcoin when MACD indicator is above 0” can be coded and executed as part of a crypto trading algorithm.

Algorithmic trading platforms

It’s only recently that I took the plunge into the Crypto Algorithmic Trading Platform business after developing trading bots for a few years. How can I do that? Other than meeting my SEO objectives? Let me explain:

The term usually refers to a web application that allows users to create their own trading algorithms using templates or rules. Parameters are inputs that a code-block can receive, in order to be able to return an output that depends on them.

Consequently, an algorithmic trading platform can be regarded as a set of instructions that have been coded so that the end-user may customize the application’s behavior according to their choices.

In our previous example: “Buy Bitcoin when MACD indicator is higher than 0” by replacing the hardcoded values “Bitcoin”, “MACD” and “0” we arrive at something that is closer to a configurable trading algorithm:

Buy [COIN] when [INDICATOR] indicator is [EXPRESSION]

Binance’s volatility trading platform

If you’re curious, you can find the source code of one of my more popular trading bots – the Binance Volatility Trading bot – here.

BVT bot is an open source trading algorithm that allows the user to configure according to his or her trading style. By default it’s meant to detect and buy volatile coins before they spike in price. For instance you can configure it to buy any coin on Binance that has gained at least 5% in the last 3 minutes.

Over 2.5K people have upvoted the BVT bot on Reddit

— and 3.1k Stars on GitHub

If the end-user configuration is relevant, the bot has reportedly generated returns. As a result, this bot typically requires a user to have some general developer knowledge: using git, installing Python, using an IDE, etc.

In no time at all, a community has gathered around the bot, and users have contributed to the Open Source codebase. Our Open Source project has been improved for several months, but there was still a technical barrier to using it.

I decided to turn this into a SAAS along with some of the most active contributors to the codebase. As of now, we were working with 7 of us to take the BVT bot’s original codebase, make massive improvements to the way it works, add new features, and make it into a very user-friendly app.

It’s hard to say what the odds of this typically happening are, but our brand new organization is filled with incredible talent and a strong team.

After incorporation, the company became official – We’re doing this! We’re building a cloud-based SaaS.


Our brand new algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform, AESIR [ey-sir, ey-zir], is designed to automate most trading strategies. The BVT bot is obviously based on this one, but it is a lot more powerful.

AESIR has been in development for over a year. As AESIR nears completion, we will be moving to internal testing shortly.

It seems that most algorithmic trading platforms for cryptocurrency are either too complicated and clunky to use, or do not offer enough customisation options for experienced traders. In light of this, we introduced unique trading signals that you can easily create in order to balance out the equation.

AESIR will come with several customisable configurations:

  • Volatility Trading
  • DCA
  • Technical Analysis Trading
  • Social / Copy Trading

Here’s a sneak preview of the current configuration page and options — subject to change as all pre-alpha footage.

One feature that I’m particularly excited about is combining signals in complex expressions.

For instance you can create a DCA configuration that will:

“Buy [Bitcoin] [once a week] if [MACD Indicator] is [>0] and [RSI Indicator is 30] and[Bitcoin has spiked] [at least 3%] in the last [5 minutes].

You don’t have to go as granular as that of course, but you can.

Testing our crypto trading platform

Upon properly running end-to-end tests, we’re looking forward to spending a substantial amount of time throwing different configuration options and edge case scenarios to see how the application runs. We will release in closed beta once the application is stable and basically does what you tell it.

Currently, it looks like AESIR will have its closed beta this summer. For now, it’s best to refrain from sticking to a hard deadline. Everyone doesn’t want a second Cyberpunk release.

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